Question: Why Hire a Babysitter When You Already Have An Adult Who’s There?

Answer:  Because you don’t trust the adult that is there.  My daughter, Kylie, is staying with me for the weekend.  She’s 22.  Faith is her daughter, and her birthday is this weekend.  I had already hired a babysitter for the night before I knew my daughter would be here, but I didn’t change those plans because I simply don’t trust Kylie.  It’s not that I think she’ll run off with Faith, but I don’t absolutely know that she’ll make good decisions, either.  She was kicked out of her sober living facility about 3 weeks ago because she failed a drug screen, and she’s supposedly living with a friend in Asheville.

Three months after we kicked our daughter and her boyfriend out into the streets with no place to go and no money, I had a doctor’s appointment.  My husband and I had been caring for our granddaughter for those three months, and I asked Kylie if she would watch Faith for two hours.  She took Faith out to the park.  About two hours after I had returned from the doctor’s office, I received a text saying that she had been arrested for using heroin and that I needed to come and get Faith or she would go to child protective services.  I called, and the officer answered.  Both Kylie and her boyfriend, who is Faith’s father, had been arrested for shooting up in the car in a parking lot downtown with Faith asleep in her car seat in the back.  I was so grateful to the officers for allowing us the 30 minutes it took for us to get there.  My husband drove our daughter’s car back home.  I had already been home for two hours before their arrest.  All they had to do was bring Faith back before they chose to drive down there.  What were they going to do afterwards-drive home while high on heroin?

It hurt to tell my daughter that I was still asking the babysitter to stay, and it was awkward for the babysitter, too.  Luckily, she is an adult friend who knows the situation.  It still cost me $60 to pay her so that I could go out to the appointment and to a movie afterwards.  Kylie is supposed to leave on Monday, but she and her current boyfriend, who is also visiting, have already just disappeared, driving off three times for a couple of hours at a time while they’ve been here for less than three days.

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