The Profile That’s Not On Facebook

What do I have to say that’s worth taking anyone’s valuable time?  Probably nothing worth valuable time, but something worth my time.  If some one else finds what I have to say to be helpful or interesting, then it’s just a bonus.  I’ll give a little synopsis of my current life.  I am 49 and just filed for divorce from my husband of 23 years in part because he decided to join a swingers’ group.  I have two children, one of whom is on the dean’s list at college every quarter and one of whom is a homeless heroin addict.  We had a third child, but he contracted E Coli meningitis when he was three weeks old and was multiply handicapped and medically fragile.  He died seven and a half years ago when he was almost twelve.  My husband and I have legal custody of our granddaughter, and she will be living with me when we move following the divorce.

One thought on “The Profile That’s Not On Facebook

  1. Wow … it sounds like you have a lot to talk about. A blog can be a good place to do it. I hope, by blogging, you find a supportive group of friends. It happens. 🙂 Hang in there.


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